Freejump Boots among the most popular riding boots

For those riders that already ride in Freejump Boots, they are ahead of the curve. They enjoy unparalleled comfort, wear and modern styling. This combination of comfort and style is offered only by Freejump.

But for those riders that are on the edge about Freejump Boots, one small piece of advise. Sometimes, boots look different on a shelf versus when worn by a rider. Give Freejump Boots a try. You will experience an unprecedented level of comfort and style. In fact, with most riders that make the jump to Freejump, rarely , if ever use their tall boots. Such is the allure of Freejump.

All Day Comfort : Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots

Liberty XC EVO Boots Shown with Liberty XC EVO Chaps

Liberty XC EVO Boots Shown with Liberty XC EVO Chaps

Riders are tough on their boots. This means that boots must be comfortable and durable for all-day wear. Between the water, dirt and footing, the boots have to be tough to handle it all. Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots are just that and more. A separate rubber lining sewn between the upper and sole of the boot provides added protection against water. The tongue of the boot has been re-designed to ease an ergonomic fit. The shape of the tongue enables a contoured fit around the ankle.

Freejump has always been at the forefront of innovation. The Freejump Liberty XC Boots now feature a centralized elastic jock strapping. This elastic band provides better ankle support (sigh for all those that have bad ankles).


Jock Strapping that is designed for an ergonomic fit and ankle support


Liberty XC EVO Black Boots

Liberty XC EVO Black Boots


Liberty XC EVO Brown Boots

Liberty XC EVO Brown Boots

Anatomical Foot : SIDAS InSole

Freejump brings the best of technology into their offering. The boots also have a removable SIDAS in sole that is 3D shaped. SIDAS is a world-leader in in sole and foot protection technology. We all know that the sole is where the rubber meets the road. This part of the boot is essential to ensure good positioning which leads to good posture. This is exactly the premise of the 3D shaped in sole by SIDAS. The foot and heel stay aligned to enable better posture.

Goodbye Toe and Heel Pain

Trust the Foot Experts at SIDAS to create products that eliminate toe and heel pain. Their 3D shaped insoles are designed for exactly that purpose. Whether your feet are low arch, medium arch and high arch, SIDAS insoles are the answer.


When you start with a blank slate, it becomes easy to design a world-class product. Add in innovation, bring in the best ideas from other sports. Voila! The result is Freejump Liberty XC EVO : a riding boot that is ultra-comfortable and well-fitted.

Watch this video to learn more about the exciting Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots.

Ready to Order?  Buy your Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots.


Available Now ! Fall Winter 2014/2015 Equiline Collection

Here is a sneak peak at the latest offering from Equiline. The “Dress Code” for Fall/Winter 2014/2015 is inspiring, making full use of the season’s colors. Add to that, the innovative use of fabrics and styling shows why Equiline is enjoying the top spot among all riding apparel brands.

Equiline’s designs are clean and modern. There is also a move towards the “less is more” philosophy. So, let us get started.

Full Seat Breeches for Dressage

Georgia Full Seat Breeches by Equiline

Georgia Full Seat Breeches by Equiline

Equiline has always been the leading innovator. They have taken bold steps to further the riding clothing industry. You can see how these breeches have no seams around the patch. It is specially constructed from Silicone for better grip. Notice also the special fabric inserted in the breeches. This stretch fabric allows full freedom of movement for the rider. It also adds a beautiful contrast tone to the riding pants. Quite innovative, we think. What do you think?

Ladies Show Jacket

Olivia Show Jumping Jacket by Equiline

Olivia Show Jumping Jacket by Equiline

This is a beautiful jacket with a focus on modern styling and fabrics. Notice how the buttons are not black colored. Also the 2 zipper pockets on the sides. The best part of the jacket is in the collar. The trims along the front collar are fantastic and add an element of elegance!

Show Jacket for Ladies (Dressage and Show Jumping)

Here is a jacket that can be used for both dressage and show jumping.

Gilda Competition Show Jacket - Front View in Black by Equiline

Gilda Competition Show Jacket – Front View in Black by Equiline. Also available in Gray color.

Once again, its the small details that count the most. For instance, the “mother of pearls” buttons on this jacket are not only eye-catching, they elevate this jacket head over shoulders. The cut is traditional. This one can be used by either dressage riders or show jumpers.


Limited Edition Dressage Shadbelly

Grazia Dressage Shadbelly by Equiline

Grazia Dressage Shadbelly by Equiline


This shadbelly continues from where the Gilda Competition Jacket left off from. The “mother of pearls” buttons are adorned on both the collar and points of the shad. Clean design and very inspiring, do you agree?

 Show Shirt for Ladies

Rosy Show Shirt from Equiline – Also available in White

Back View of Rosy Show Shirt by Equiline

This gorgeous show shirt has laser embroidery on the front and back. The signature Equiline horses and Equiline logo are embroidered. The logo itself is surrounded by shiny crystals. This makes a very beautiful show shirt. Quite frankly speaking, this is the most stunning show shirt ever. What do you think?


We love the new styles from Equiline’s Fall Winter collection. But what do you think? What do you like or do not like about this collection? Post your comments below. We would love to hear from you!

P.S. This is a very small sample of the new collection. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog post which will feature the rest of the collection.

2015 Dressage Show Schedule for Wellington (tentative)

The official dates for the 2015 Global Dressage Festival (GDF) in Wellington, FL  have been released. Please note these dates are tentative.

We are excited about the new show schedule. What do you think ? Too many shows or too few or just right? Let us know in your comments below.


Dates Show
Jan 7 – 11 CDI – W
Jan 21 – 25 CDI – W
Feb 4 – 8 CDI – 5*
Feb 18 – 22 CDI – 4*
Mar 4 – 8 Palm Beach Dressage Derby World Cup
Mar 11 – 15 CDI – W
Mar 25 – 29 CDIO – 3* Nations Cup

Courtesy: Global Dressage Festival

New Riding Shirts for Men and Boys

Over the last few years, the riding shirts for women have been exceptionally popular. These are the long sleeves shirts with UV protection and mesh sleeves. Some examples are:

These shirts are popular primarily because they address a number of issues that riders face:

  • Protection from the Sun
  • Perspiration
  • Lightweight fabric


Bette & Court Cool Elements Mock Shirt

Bette & Court Cool Elements Mock Shirt













Wellington Collection Extreme Air Shirt

Wellington Collection Extreme Air Shirt













Kastel Riding Shirts

Kastel Riding Shirts













One of the brands listed above has finally created the same shirts for men and boys! Yay, finally a company that addresses a gap. These shirts retail all the benefits of the ladies’  riding shirts by Kastel Denmark, except that they are cut for men and boys. The shirts come in attractive colors and styles.

This new product comes as a big relief for all the male riders that have been riding in their polo shirts or sports shirts. Now, you too can enjoy the same protection and style.  The Kastel riding shirts for men are available in all sizes : Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. The Kastel riding shirts for boys are available in Medium and Large only. Check out these new Kastel Riding Shirts. So far, the men’s and boys shirts come in 3 attractive color schemes, but expect more fabulous color choices in the near future.

Kastel Riding Shirts for Men in Light Brown

Kastel Riding Shirts for Men in Light Brown

Kastel Riding Shirt for Men in Dark Navy/Red

Kastel Riding Shirt for Men in Dark Navy/Red

Kastel Riding Shirt for Men in Grey/Black

Kastel Riding Shirt for Men in Grey/Black

You can buy the Riding Shirt for Men and the Riding Shirt for Boys.

We would love to hear from you. Post below your thoughts, feedback.

Riding Shirts with UV Protection – New at WEF

While there is no dearth of riding shirts, one particular style of riding shirts has emerged as the clear front runner. Whether you like the Wellington Collection Extreme Air Shirt or the Bette and Court Swing Shirt or the EIS Swing Shirt, they are all slights variations on the same basic style. The riding shirts are made from light weight fabric. The shirts all feature the signature mesh on the underside of the arms. This feature aids primarily in the airflow to reduce perspiration.  Also, all these shirts have built-in UV protection.

When one style of shirts becomes so dominant that you see virtually rider wear it, it is time for change. Not that there is anything wrong with these shirts, but as they say, there is always room for improvement.  And that is exactly what Kastel did.

Two-Tone Performance Riding Shirt by Kastel Denmark

The shirt (and in fact the entire Kastel brand) is the brain-child of famous dressage rider, Charlotte Jorst. In addition to being a busy dressage competitor, Charlotte has managed to juggle other successful ventures. Her latest is Kastel Denmark.  According to Charlotte, these shirts are great for anyone that spends time outdoors. The shirts offer all the protection that of the above mentioned shirts, but have a very distinguishing edge. That edge comes from the fabric being quite a bit lighter. When you are riding (or any outdoor sports for that matter), the lighter the shirt, the better your ability to move.

The Kastel shirt comes in very attractive color schemes. The two tone design of the shirt is eye-catching and refreshing in a sea of solid colored shirts. The different colors options and trims are a welcome change to the white and beige colors we are used to seeing on the showgrounds. The shirt sizing is a bit on the smaller size. That applies mostly to the Small Size shirt.

The Kastel shirts also addressed an important problem that the other brands did not. The wrist band sleeve is now elastic on the Kastel shirts. This means that it ill not get in the way when gripping the reins or any wrist movement. This small change is a fantastic idea.

All in all, this shirt has been a hit at Wellington WEF so far in the pre-season. Here are a few pictures of the shirts.


Solid Black

Solid Black

The different color of the zipper contrasts beautifully

The different color of the zipper contrasts beautifully

Another new color, a sky blue with white trim and mesh.

Another new color, a sky blue with white trim and mesh.

A new color, Gray with Pink.

A new color, Gray with Pink.

Bright poppy color

Bright poppy color

The elastic wrist sleeve band is extremely useful!

The elastic wrist sleeve band is extremely useful!

The shirt is priced at the very attractive price of $75. Stop by the TACKNRIDER WEF Trailer or the TACKNRIDER store in Wellington, or order online at the TACKNRIDER website.

Wellington WEF – What’s new and exciting

Things have gotten to a nice start at WEF show grounds this week. While it was holiday week, there were still quite a few riders at the Mogavero Arena. It was nice to see some of the big vendors have already set up shop at the show grounds.

New Vendor – TACKNRIDER mobile showroom at WEF

Speaking of vendors, there is one very interesting addition to the vendor space. That is TACKNRIDER. Yes, our local Wellington tack shop is now set up in a nice state-of-the-art trailer at the WEF show grounds. Indeed, TACKNRIDER, has made a grand appearance at the vendor row at WEF.  The trailer is huge, fits in well between all the bigger trailer vendors, along with Kocher’s and Anne K Hubbard’s Tack Shop. It is equipped with a very comfortable fitting room. The trailer is fully air-conditioned and has two entrances/exits, a very inviting look.

Let me explain why this news is exciting

1. A brand new vendor of that proportion is always refreshing, as they bring fresh energy to the WEF. They bring in new products, different from the usual merchandise.

2. The other reason this is exciting is because of the selection and service offered by TACKNRIDER. For those of you that have already visited the TACKNRIDER store on Pierson Road, know what I am alluding to. If there is one tack shop in town that offers proper customer service and fresh merchandise, it is TACKNRIDER.

We have posted a few pictures of their new TACKNRIDER trailer at WEF.

So, a big congratulations to TACKNRIDER on this move! We wish them all the best and thank them for providing us with great selection and awesome service!

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Schockemohle Titanio Stirrups – everything stirrups should be

Stirrups form a very important piece of equipment in riding. Without the proper stirrups, there is not much the rider can accomplish. When I say proper, I mean several things. Several key factors can aid the show jumping rider in moving with more grace and agility:

Stirrups are light weight.

The riders’ feet are dangling, so the lighter the stirrup, the less gravity pulls. Additionally, lighter stirrups allow significant freedom of movement.  Any extra weight will hinder the rider’s movement.

Stirrups facilitate easy foot entry

The stirrups must be designed to allow easy foot entry. This enables the rider to quickly mount on and off the saddle.

Stirrups must provide a strong non-slip grip

The traditional stirrups came with rubber pad inserts that helps in a firm grip. Lately though, the newer stirrups have punched metallic spikes, creating a strong non-slip grip. Because these are built-in, they have less wear on them and are also more effective in adding against slippage.

Schockemohle Titanio Stirrups answer the call

Enter the Schockemohle Titanio Stirrups. These stirrups weigh just 1.4 lbs each. That is a total weight of 2.8 lbs for the pair! They deliver on the ultra light weight proposition.

Schockemohle and Lorenzini have taken stirrup technology to the next level by choosing Titanium-Aluminium as the material of choice. This renders the light weight, while at the same time, providing unparalleled strength.

The shape of the stirrups is another improvement over the current offering of stirrups. The softer curves of the stirrups increase the aerodynamic ability.

The foot plate of the stirrups has been designed to be extra-wide. This is important to allow for a firmer grip and better communication between the horse and rider.

Another key improvement of the Schockemohle Titanium Stirrups is the inclined foot plate. This allows the rider to easy slip in to the stirrups.

Schockemohle and Lorenzini have delivered a stellar product that deserves closer attention, so here is some close up shots of these stirrups.


Notice the smooth finish


Front View


Foot Plate Close Up shows the punched titanium


Black Titanio Stirrup


Titanio Stirrups come in protective sleeves for easy storage.


Attractive Box Packaging in the Schockemohle Signature Orange

The stirrups are available at: