Freejump Boots among the most popular riding boots

For those riders that already ride in Freejump Boots, they are ahead of the curve. They enjoy unparalleled comfort, wear and modern styling. This combination of comfort and style is offered only by Freejump.

But for those riders that are on the edge about Freejump Boots, one small piece of advise. Sometimes, boots look different on a shelf versus when worn by a rider. Give Freejump Boots a try. You will experience an unprecedented level of comfort and style. In fact, with most riders that make the jump to Freejump, rarely , if ever use their tall boots. Such is the allure of Freejump.

All Day Comfort : Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots

Liberty XC EVO Boots Shown with Liberty XC EVO Chaps

Liberty XC EVO Boots Shown with Liberty XC EVO Chaps

Riders are tough on their boots. This means that boots must be comfortable and durable for all-day wear. Between the water, dirt and footing, the boots have to be tough to handle it all. Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots are just that and more. A separate rubber lining sewn between the upper and sole of the boot provides added protection against water. The tongue of the boot has been re-designed to ease an ergonomic fit. The shape of the tongue enables a contoured fit around the ankle.

Freejump has always been at the forefront of innovation. The Freejump Liberty XC Boots now feature a centralized elastic jock strapping. This elastic band provides better ankle support (sigh for all those that have bad ankles).


Jock Strapping that is designed for an ergonomic fit and ankle support


Liberty XC EVO Black Boots

Liberty XC EVO Black Boots


Liberty XC EVO Brown Boots

Liberty XC EVO Brown Boots

Anatomical Foot : SIDAS InSole

Freejump brings the best of technology into their offering. The boots also have a removable SIDAS in sole that is 3D shaped. SIDAS is a world-leader in in sole and foot protection technology. We all know that the sole is where the rubber meets the road. This part of the boot is essential to ensure good positioning which leads to good posture. This is exactly the premise of the 3D shaped in sole by SIDAS. The foot and heel stay aligned to enable better posture.

Goodbye Toe and Heel Pain

Trust the Foot Experts at SIDAS to create products that eliminate toe and heel pain. Their 3D shaped insoles are designed for exactly that purpose. Whether your feet are low arch, medium arch and high arch, SIDAS insoles are the answer.


When you start with a blank slate, it becomes easy to design a world-class product. Add in innovation, bring in the best ideas from other sports. Voila! The result is Freejump Liberty XC EVO : a riding boot that is ultra-comfortable and well-fitted.

Watch this video to learn more about the exciting Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots.

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Safety Matters, specially when it comes to riding

We all know the consequences of a fall while riding. With show jumping, the risk is even higher. While the risk comes with the territory,  there is some steps a rider can take to mitigate the risk.

Free Jump System, based in France, has introduced a new kind of safety stirrup, called the Free Jump Soft Up Pro Stirrup. With the emphasis being on safety, the stirrup has an outer branch that is made from a flexible material that bends and reverts back in shape. This branch system is helpful in the unfortunate event of a fall.

Easy to secure to the stirrup leathers.

Easy to secure to the stirrup leathers.

You can see from the closeup picture how this safety stirrup is the most effective. From a safety perspective, this undoubtedly beats the competition.  Ideally, the use of Freejump Stirrup Leathers is recommended when using the Freejump Stirrups. The stirrup leathers are designed to be used almost exclusively with the Freejump Stirrups.

Aesthetically, the look of the Freejump Safety Stirrup screams fashionable and sexy. With its well defined curves and beautiful color choices, this stirrup stands out favorably.  It comes in Black, Chocolate, Vanilla, Purple, Blue and Red. Here is a visual showing all the available colors.

Freejump Stirrups come in Purple, Red, Chocolate, Blue, Black and Vanilla Colors

Freejump Stirrups come in Purple, Red, Chocolate, Blue, Black and Vanilla Colors

To top it all, the Freejump Soft Up Pro Stirrup has a wide footrest with a grippy rubber material and small metallic studs. I presume those are for protection against skidding.

Freejump Soft Up Pro Safety Stirrup

Freejump Stirrups Rubberized Footrest provides better grip and anti-skid protection.

Now, you know why some of the top riders in Europe and the Americas, like Ludger Beerbaum, Kevin Staut and Rodrigo Pessoa rely on the Freejump Stirrups.

The initial response to these stirrups has been very positive in Wellington. They are a bit on the pricey side, but you can not place a price on safety.