Schockemohle Titanio Stirrups – everything stirrups should be

Stirrups form a very important piece of equipment in riding. Without the proper stirrups, there is not much the rider can accomplish. When I say proper, I mean several things. Several key factors can aid the show jumping rider in moving with more grace and agility:

Stirrups are light weight.

The riders’ feet are dangling, so the lighter the stirrup, the less gravity pulls. Additionally, lighter stirrups allow significant freedom of movement. ¬†Any extra weight will hinder the rider’s movement.

Stirrups facilitate easy foot entry

The stirrups must be designed to allow easy foot entry. This enables the rider to quickly mount on and off the saddle.

Stirrups must provide a strong non-slip grip

The traditional stirrups came with rubber pad inserts that helps in a firm grip. Lately though, the newer stirrups have punched metallic spikes, creating a strong non-slip grip. Because these are built-in, they have less wear on them and are also more effective in adding against slippage.

Schockemohle Titanio Stirrups answer the call

Enter the Schockemohle Titanio Stirrups. These stirrups weigh just 1.4 lbs each. That is a total weight of 2.8 lbs for the pair! They deliver on the ultra light weight proposition.

Schockemohle and Lorenzini have taken stirrup technology to the next level by choosing Titanium-Aluminium as the material of choice. This renders the light weight, while at the same time, providing unparalleled strength.

The shape of the stirrups is another improvement over the current offering of stirrups. The softer curves of the stirrups increase the aerodynamic ability.

The foot plate of the stirrups has been designed to be extra-wide. This is important to allow for a firmer grip and better communication between the horse and rider.

Another key improvement of the Schockemohle Titanium Stirrups is the inclined foot plate. This allows the rider to easy slip in to the stirrups.

Schockemohle and Lorenzini have delivered a stellar product that deserves closer attention, so here is some close up shots of these stirrups.


Notice the smooth finish


Front View


Foot Plate Close Up shows the punched titanium


Black Titanio Stirrup


Titanio Stirrups come in protective sleeves for easy storage.


Attractive Box Packaging in the Schockemohle Signature Orange

The stirrups are available at: