Horse Bits made from Titanium, finally!

Horse Bits have been around for a long time. ┬áThere are numerous varieties of bits, from loose ring, snaffle, egg butt, D ring, …..the list goes on.

While each type of Bit is specialized in its purpose and operation, not much has evolved in the metals used for making Bits.

Until now, that is. Drum Roll……..Titanium

Yes, the ultra-light weight metal most commonly used in aircraft panels to small computer components, has now made its way into the horse riding gear industry.

Lorenzini Bits are made of high-grade brushed Titanium. Among the various advantages Titanium has over its counterparts are:

  • Enhanced bio-compatibility with the horse’s mouth.
  • Ultra-light weight improves performance and maneuverability
  • Say Goodbye to Corrosion
  • Titanium has a unique ability to increase the salivation
  • High Strength Factor …this is one main reason why Titanium is used for Tennis Rackets
  • Made in Italy

Some of the top dressage riders, like Patrick Kittel have already recognized the importance of titanium bits. One of the more popular bits is the Lorenzini Loose Ring Bit with Lozenge.

Please post your experience and thoughts on the use of Lorenzini Bits.