Wellington WEF – What’s new and exciting

Things have gotten to a nice start at WEF show grounds this week. While it was holiday week, there were still quite a few riders at the Mogavero Arena. It was nice to see some of the big vendors have already set up shop at the show grounds.

New Vendor – TACKNRIDER mobile showroom at WEF

Speaking of vendors, there is one very interesting addition to the vendor space. That is TACKNRIDER. Yes, our local Wellington tack shop is now set up in a nice state-of-the-art trailer at the WEF show grounds. Indeed, TACKNRIDER, has made a grand appearance at the vendor row at WEF. ┬áThe trailer is huge, fits in well between all the bigger trailer vendors, along with Kocher’s and Anne K Hubbard’s Tack Shop. It is equipped with a very comfortable fitting room. The trailer is fully air-conditioned and has two entrances/exits, a very inviting look.

Let me explain why this news is exciting

1. A brand new vendor of that proportion is always refreshing, as they bring fresh energy to the WEF. They bring in new products, different from the usual merchandise.

2. The other reason this is exciting is because of the selection and service offered by TACKNRIDER. For those of you that have already visited the TACKNRIDER store on Pierson Road, know what I am alluding to. If there is one tack shop in town that offers proper customer service and fresh merchandise, it is TACKNRIDER.

We have posted a few pictures of their new TACKNRIDER trailer at WEF.

So, a big congratulations to TACKNRIDER on this move! We wish them all the best and thank them for providing us with great selection and awesome service!

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